Angelina jolie mastectomy episode simplified

I recently made a custom info graphic for one of the leading medical questions and answer portal. I guess it will be cool to share it here too.

Breast cancer infographic

Breast cancer infographic

breast cancer infographics

Source:DoctorSpring Blog



Basics of interior design explained with images

Struggling to understand interior design? Thanks to the  wonderful collections of infographics from people at  Designfolia, Mobilier design site, it is no more rocket science! These infographics make it simple to become a design guru at a glance! Gain the inspiration you need to redesign your space and impress those you are entertaining! With the simplistic way these great images break down information, anybody can create a great design in no time at all.


First step: The Seven Elements of Design

Learn the basics and then learn the rest! This fantastic infographic easily explains line, space, shape, value, color, size, and texture. This eliminates about 90% of the design jargon you will need to know and prompts you to think about elements you may not have considered before. When was the last time you truly reflected on the shape of your furniture and art pieces? How about the message a certain line created in your space conveys? This infographic is a wealth of information, and any beginning designer would do well to size it up! Credit:Paper leaf


Second Step: Colorful Designs by Season!

As timely an infographic as ever, this one describes simple ways to add seasonal influence to your designs. Perfect for holiday entertaining, you can breathe new life into your space with a few tips from this infographic. It covers colors for every season, textures, and accessories such as art. It even suggests scents to really capture that seasonal feel! While designers don’t always consider the ‘smell’ of their design, there is something about ‘apple and cinnamon’ that screams autumn and a friendly ‘gingerbread’ reminds one of their grandma’s home-baked cookies! Mmm. I can smell the design genius already!



Third Step: Let’s Light it Up!

Any seasoned designer will tell you that lighting is one of the most important aspects of design. Lighting conveys mood, is purposeful in that adequate light needs to be provided so people can use the room, and lighting elements are often focal points of a space. Lighting design is a difficult venture- at least it was, until this infographic came along! By simply reading a few bullet points, you can gather information about how to create comfortable, stylish lighting effects for each room of your home. It even describes how to create the perfect mood or ambiance while leaving an alternate lighting style for the rest of the time.

A Green Bonus: Eco-Friendly Upgrades at a Glance! 

Ready to go green, but don’t know how? Aside from those awesome-looking energy-efficient lightbulbs, there are many upgrades you can add to your home to go green! This helpful infographic breaks down common eco-friendly upgrades and estimated costs. These green designs are not only great for the green of Earth, they’re great for the green in your wallet, too! Average savings, according to this infographic, range in the thousands over a 20-year span. While solar water heaters and green rooftops may be difficult to implement, more practical tips like installing programmable thermostats and energy-efficient windows can be feasibly implemented by most homeowners. Plus, radiant floors help keep your feet nice and toasty! Going green never felt so good!

What Impact Does A Work Related Injury Have On Society?


Cost of working infograph

Take a moment to imagine that you have just had an accident at work, one that will require some time off. No big deal, right? After all, this is pretty straightforward. You return to work when you can, and someone still pays you. Everyone is happy and business moves along as usual. You may be surprised to learn that there is a whole host of events, actions, reactions, and calculated processes that will now happen because of your work related injury.

The economics of work related injuries spans every category. From the lower paycheck you receive on workman’s compensation, to the higher price of goods and services that can eat away at the same paycheck. Work related injuries, and their hidden costs, have no boundaries and their resilience makes them near invincible. Furthermore, trying to notice these costs in real-time is nearly impossible. This is because the costs are “hidden”, or rather they are sort of invisible. It is only later, when piecing costs together, are they ever realized.

So the name of the game is prevention. If you have ever thought that an employer seemed to put an awful lot of time into injury prevention, you wouldn’t be alone. But at least it will not remain a mystery for long. Below is the chain of events, actions and reactions, that once put in motion, affect everyone. And the next time you’re on a job and someone says “Why is all of this necessary?” you can respond like a ivy-league professor of economics.

This information and graphic was provided by who specializes in products and services meant to reduce workplace injuries.

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Atop the church at night

Well I was doing a photoshoot in downtown Norfolk, VA the other night and looked around and this idea hit me. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Any thoughts or comments on how I could improve the shot, I’m not 100% satisfied with it for some reason8362693999_c424650c53_z

Nikon D3100
ISO 200


A session with Merin


Oh, I wish…

I wish it had more depth! I’m ordering prints for this client and this is her favorite – how nice that non-hobbyists / professionals don’t see what we see. I do love the intensity of his mood, but oh, the lack of depth!

It was fairly direct light, and I had a reflector to try to counteract some of the shadows on his face, but I’m just not happy with the lighting. Critique that aspect, please, and anything else you’d like to, of course. Any tips for harsh, direct light in a situation like this would also be appreciated. My vision exceeds my skill (and gear, perhaps) at this point, and it’s frustrating.8120793603_f6a1c74ca0


Focusing Macro

I’m having a terrible time trying to focus my Canon 100mm macro lens … the focus is always off no matter how much depth of field I use … I’m trying to focus on the old man face I see in this crab shell … I’m using live view and enlarging it and it seems to be in focus and when I download it it’s not completely sharp where I want it to be:

Camera Canon EOS 7D

Exposure 25

Aperture f/32.0

Focal Length 100 mm

ISO Speed 1008436884952_aa04d1e3b4